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1. Which of the following would NOT lead to an improvement in the hiring system of an organization? |a. |communicate to the hiring managers about their annoying interview habits | |b. |use scientific methods and efficient selection methods | |c. |determine the motivations of job seekers | |d. |know the going rates of pay and offer slightly more |


2. What is the definition of selection?
|a. |generating an applicant pool | |b. |finding and screening job applicants | |c. |choosing job candidates | |d. |matching an applicant’s competencies with a job position |


3. Given that best practices in recruitment and selection are applied to an organization, which of the following results has NOT been supported with empirical studies? |a. |establishing employee trust | |b. |Increasing the firm’s market price | |c. |reducing employee turnover | |d. |encouraging poor performers to leave |


4. The CEO of your company asks you to hire an older woman, to avoid the significant family-related challenges and high turnover rate that comes with hiring younger administration employees. What is this is an example of? |a. |streamlining internal company staffing policies | |b. |recruitment and retention constraints | |c. |balancing the rights and interests of employees and management | |d. |the need for written codes and standards of conduct |


5. What important principles underlying Figure 1.1 are critical for the human resource system to function properly? |a. |two-way communication between human resource functions and business units | |b. |assessment of the strengths and weaknesses of the external and internal environment | |c. |thinking in systems terms and coordinating human resource activities with all organizational units and people | |d. |a focus on productivity and profitability through recruitment and selection processes |




1. With respect to recruitment and selection, what legislation has precedence over all other legislations? |a. |constitutional law | |b. |human rights law | |c. |Canada labour law | |d. |employment equity legislation |


2. A school teacher has HIV...
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