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Test 2 Outline

By | November 2012
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* HONEST WORK Adam Smith, "On Human Exchange and Human Difference" IN HONEST WORK * Peter Singer, "Rich and Poor" IN HONEST WORK
* Nike's Suppliers in Vietnam" IN HONEST WORK
If you are engaging in business just for profit, you are missing the point. It is like learning how to use a hammer but never building anything. Profit is a mechanism utilized in capitalism for a greater goal. Adam Smith:

* Our differences in natural ability are not all that extreme, that is, were are mostly equal when we come into the world. * This means we all have the same chance.
* This seems to ignore stark differences in context, that is, differences in birth, nation, society, etc. (Clark) * We need a division of labor. Otherwise, we would all have to make everything ourselves, it would be like Hobbes’ state of nature * This would not be productive.

* P1 If it is within our power to prevent something very bad from happening, without thereby sacrificing anything of comparable moral significance, one should do so. * P2 Absolute poverty is very bad.

* C1 One has an obligation to prevent absolute poverty in so far as one is capable of doing so without thereby sacrificing anything of comparable value. 7/25 ctd
The point of capitalism as an economic model is to life us out of the muck. * Since the advent of industry and capitalism, life has been better for everyone. * Large amount of money, that is, capital, is far more useful than small amounts. * Successful businessperson should try to generate these large sums in order to help the rest of his or her society and world. * This is the justification of massive fortunes

Carnegie’s major claims?
The best businessperson is the person that is best at business. What is the goal of business? To lift humanity up and OUT OF THE MUCK Profit is merely the mechanism utilized to perform this task. 7/26

* Andrew Carnegie,...

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