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Topics: Data warehouse, Decision support system, Decision theory Pages: 9 (1827 words) Published: April 16, 2012
Managerial Technology Homework Assignment spring 2012
1. Compared to the agricultural age where the work force focuses on the production of food, we now work in the _____ age where the focus has shifted to the production of knowledge. A. Information age

B. Industrial age
C. Knowledge age
D. Technology age
2. If you wanted to ensure that your business maintains a desirable return on your investment with technology, what should be one of your main concerns? A. Your technology helps streamline costs without sacrificing quality B. You give the appearance of technological sophistication

C. Your management systems are consistent with industry standards D. Your strategic systems are technologically advanced

3. If you wanted to ensure that your business maintains a competitive edge, what should be one of your main concerns when purchasing technology? A. The new technology communicates with existing systems

B. Standard operating procedures are supported so that innovative employees can focus on new markets C. The new technology is consistent with the technology owned by your customer base D. The new technology enables you to be innovative and move into new markets 4. After you understand your competition and its affects on your industry, what should you do next? A. Identify the limitations of technology

B. Define the knowledge base of your workforce
C. Align your strategies, processes, and technology with your understanding of your industry D. Determine your long-term goals and how these differ from your current thinking
5. What is business intelligence or BI?
A. Interrelated and stored data about a person, object, or event B. Collective information about a business' customers, competitors, partners, environment, and operations C. An enterprise-wide set of common and interrelated data

D. Data that has a particular meaning with a specific context
6. What is the difference between information and business intelligence (BI)? A. Information is about a specific situation; business intelligence is about internal and external conditions and how they will affect strategy B. Information is based upon facts or objective data; business intelligence is based on perceptions C. Information leads to strategic thinking; business intelligence leads to tactical thinking D. Information is based on processed knowledge; business intelligence is based on processed information 7. Wikipedia.org is a contemporary web site providing definitions and descriptions of many concepts. Wikipedia is not peer-reviewed (a group of peers or experts do not verify the quality of information). Because of this, Wikipedia may not demonstrate which of the following quality attributes? A. Relevance

B. Validity
C. Authority
D. Weight
8. Which of the following statements best describes a technology-literate knowledge worker? A. A computer savvy worker
B. A content expert who is comfortable with a computer
C. A worker who knows how and when to apply technology
D. A worker who is knowledgeable about emerging technology

9. What is the primary focus of supply chain management (SCM)? A. Overall cost leadership
B. Bottom-line initiative
C. Run-grow-transform
D. Overall cost leadership and bottom-line initiative
10. Which of the following results from a well-designed supply chain management system? A. Enhanced fulfillment of supplies needed for production
B. Minimizing transportation costs
C. The smooth production of products
D. Well-designed SCM systems can enhance any of these stated activities 11. Which type of software dominates the supply chain management (SCM) environment? A. Transaction processing
B. E-collaboration
C. Front office systems
D. Enterprise resource planning
12. What is the difference between SCM and CRM?
A. CRM records information about products and services; SCM records information about customers B. CRM stores and processes transactional information; CRM stores and process business intelligence C. SCM...
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