Terminologies in Tourism Industry

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A la Carte Menu
(HRM) A list of food items with corresponding prices from which a free choice is made and paid for per ordered item.

Ad Hoc Tour Package
(Tours) A tour put together according to the specifications of a client.

Advertised Tour
(Marketing and Sales) A tour program for which a marketing tool has been printed or prepared.

(HRM) Rooms available for occupancy by guests.

Accompanied Baggage
(Transport) Baggage carried on the same craft as a passenger.

Adjoining Rooms
(HRM) Two or more contiguous rooms.

Air Ticket
(Transport) “Passenger Ticket and Baggage Check”. A document comprising all flight and other coupons, issued by or in behalf of an air carrier, which evidences the contract between the passenger and the carrier, for the carriage of the passenger and his baggage over a certain route.

(Transport) A commercial company providing scheduled air transportation and made up of its equipment, personnel and array of facilities.

Airline Code
(Transport) The two alphanumeric abbreviation of air carriers used by travel agents and tour operators all over the world.

Airport Representative
(Tours) An employee of a travel agency, tour operator or accommodations establishment who assists arriving guests.

(HRM/Tours) The change of detail(s) on a confirmed reservation.

American Breakfast
(HRM) a morning meal consisting of fresh fruits or juice, cereals, coffee or tea, eggs with bacon, ham or sausages, toast and marmalade.

American Plan
(HRM) A meal plan basis which includes three (3) meals a day; also known as “full-board” or “full-pension”.

(Geography) A number of islands surrounded by water

Arrival Transfer
(Tours) A trip from a destination’s gateway to a place of lodging.

(Event Management) A company of persons gathered for deliberation and legislation, worship or entertainment – such a legislative body.

(Transport) Space or services ready for sale, reservations or commitment to a customer, at the time of inquiry or need.

(Transport) The two-way (round trip) use of seats in transportation equipment. Also, continuous operation of a tour package, with a minimal time between the departure of one group and the arrival of the next one.

Back of the house
(HRM) Areas of a lodging establishment with which guests do not normally come into direct contact

(Transport) All articles, effects and personal property of a passenger necessary for his comfort and convenience in connection with a trip.

Baggage Allowances
(Transport) The volume and weight of luggage that may be carried on board by a traveler without any additional charge.

Baggage Claim Check
(Transport) The portion of the baggage tag which is detached and serves as a receipt for the passenger’s check-in baggage.

Baggage Tag
(Transport) An identifying tag strapped to the passenger’s luggage, issued by the carrier for identification purposes.

(Geography) A body of water that protrudes into land

Best Available
(Generic) A request for the best available room, craft or service.

(Generic) A specific number of rooms or seats set aside at a specific rate, for a specific date(s)

Blocked Space
(Generic) A reservation made by a wholesaler with a supplier, subject to forfeiture of deposit paid, if not resold

(Generic) a reservation of a seat, room, tour or service

Booking Card
(Travel/Tours) a document prepared by a travel counselor or reservation staff, which contains all the pertinent travel information, data and status of the prospective traveler(s’) trip.

Booking Order
(Travel/Tours) a document prepared by the reservations staff of travel agencies or tour operators, requesting space or services from suppliers. Also known as “Reservation Request”

Broadcast Email
(E-commerce) For some large group of clients some browsers have mail-listing capabilities. After...
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