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Topics: Sociology, Prison, Minority group Pages: 2 (397 words) Published: February 16, 2013
Sydia Lime house

Prison has become an society within itself the word society is defined as a structured community of people a structured community of people bound together by similar traditions, institutions or nationality.

The people that are in prison are place into groups based on crimes which become communities groups of people that have something in common CRIME. When someone talks about the prison subculture you are basically describing what is known as the convict code. Subcultures refers to a group that share common value, norms and belifes.There are many charatrics that make up this subculture. The features of prison subculture are things such as, share what you have this can be good for every inmate because in prison most people don’t have family, friends outside of the prison so they depend on each other. Another is showing your loyalty to other residents, help other residents do not trust stuff. All these are created by the inmates to protect inmates. Inmate’s subculture will vary from institution to institution.

Values are social agreements about what is considered good and bad right and wrong. Norms and values within the prison society are as followed don’t interfere with the interest of other inmates, don’t lose your head, don’t exploit other inmates, don’t whine, don’t be a sucker. Most inmates are males, they belong to racial or ethnic minority groups are young and have been incarcerated for a violent offense. Inmates live their daily lives in accordance with the dictates of the inmate subcultures which consist of the customs and beliefs of those incarcerated in correctional insitutions.The inmate subculture also has its own language called prison argot .Examples are fish (a new inmate) collie (cell inmate) and homeboy (a prisoner from one hometown).These are launages that compromise the prison society.

Inmates roles are different prison lifestyle choice such as the real man, the mean dude, the bully, the agitator, the...
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