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TED Video Notes

Styrofoam is one of the most polluting materials we use
Instead of Styrofoam we can use fungus to create a mycelium matrix which is a suitable, renewable, biodegradable replacement •In the US we recycle very little of our plastic
Only about 7%
Problems blocking the recycling of plastic include: many types, colors, many forms of plastic are of about the same density •Separating the different types of plastic are very difficult •In many countries across the globe plastics are burned and incinerated most often to remove the precious metals which can be recycled easier as with computer motherboards •The pacific garbage patch is one of only many in the five oceans across the globe •To reduce the growth of this pollution across the globe, we should move to more recyclable containers such as glass and metals •The plastic containers we use also leach toxic chemicals such as BPA into our food and beverages, which can cause great harm to us •Plastics to detrimental damage to the poor

The poor are exposed to fumes and chemicals when they produce the plastic products •Because they are poor they can only afford to buy the toxic plastic products •Finally when the plastic is discarded it is the poor in third world countries who burn it and are again exposed to dangerous fumes and chemicals •Throughout the life of a plastic product from production to use to disposal, it the poor who are detrimentally impacted by the plastic •Design should encompass not just an objects use today but how it can be remade and remade again in a cycle to limit the refuse our society produces •Every product should be designed with the intention of it being not recyclable but cycleable, that all the products we use and own are one single ecosystem of reusability one can be made into another etc.

This assignment was actually quite enjoyable and must preferred to reading a whole book. Short educational videos such...
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