Teachers’ Day or Gift-Giving Day?

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  • Published : January 1, 2013
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Teachers’ Day or Gift-giving Day?
Nowadays, when it comes to Teachers’ Day, people differ greatly in their attitudes towards the problem of giving gifts to teachers. Some maintain that giving presents to teachers is a sound way to express gratitude and respect of students and parents. Others, on the contrary, hold the point that presents make the significance of Teachers’ Day distorted. Someone even claims that Teachers’ Day has totally become Gift-giving Day. Although it seems a little extravagant, I agree that expensive presents should be forbidden on Teachers’ Day because it would exert bad influences on the following three aspects. To begin with, sending presents would defile the pure relationship between students and teachers. As students in a class definitely have different backgrounds, some of their parents must be rich, while some may be in poor economic condition. Thus, the teacher would receive all kinds of gifts which vary from a DIY card to a card worth thousands yuan. On this occasion, students who send cheap things like trinket may feel ashamed and distance themselves from the teacher. Moreover, many parents want the teacher to pay more attention to their children by giving special presents. Such behavior is similar to ‘bribery’, which is unfair. And some teachers are likely to give preference to some students because of the valuable present. As a result, the relationship between students and teachers will get destroyed gradually. Secondly, students’ values would be affected owing to improper way of giving gifts. Commonly, people weigh the thought according to the value. Therefore, some wealthy parents would select luxurious articles as presents on Teachers’ Day. What’s worse, in order to not lose face, some parents might make decision for children and pick expensive things even though they can’t afford it. Inevitably, it has bad effects on children. Influenced by parents, children are inclined to compare with others in spending. Or...
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