Teacher’s Professional Development- Factors Influencing Students’ Learning- Knowing the Learners’ and Teachers’ Roles

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Name: Malasari
Title: Teacher’s professional development- Factors influencing students’ learning- Knowing the learners’ and teachers’ roles Date: 5th May, 2012

In teaching-learning, two main elements needed are teacher and students. A good teacher is a professional teacher. Harmer (2001) stated three ways to be a professional teacher. There are reflection paths, action research, and developing with others. In the other hand, the very first students teacher should do are to learn and to get trained. This is exactly like I am having now. I learn how to be a professional teacher by reading and knowing many theories. Besides that, I also get a chance to have a simulation teaching. The simulation will be evaluated by my lecturers and friends. Not only simulation teaching, I also take a job being a private English teacher in order to train me handling my nervousness facing with students.

In this report I will explain about teachers’ and learners’ roles. There are some roles teacher might play through teaching in the class. Generally, teachers act as a facilitator for the students (Harmer, 2001). In details, Harmer (2001) suggested five roles of teachers. Those roles are teacher as controller, teacher as prompter, teacher as participant, teacher as resource, and teacher as tutor.

Harmer (2001) stated that teacher as controller always happen in a conventional education. Teacher controls all matters happen and what will happen in the class. By being the controller, sometimes students will act as teacher wishes. For example, when I was in the elementary school, my teacher came to the class and then checked the attendance firstly. After that, she gave a quite long explanation about the materials. She talked almost all the time in the class. She rarely gave us chances to talk. The only one chance she gave is when she asked us to answer her question. Sometimes, she read aloud the question although the question was from our textbook. This is, in my opinion, is...
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