Tda 361-1.Identify the Current Legislation and Codes of Practice Relevant to the Promotion of Equality and Valuing Diversity.

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  • Published : February 3, 2013
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TDA36-1.2 Explain the importance of promoting the rights of children and young people to participation and equality of access.

All pupils should be given the opportunity to access all areas of the curriculum. All children have the right to play and learn together, for example the pre school funding scheme ensure that a place is available for those that want it in a preschool education setting, ensuring access for all. Children should not be discriminated against in any way and participation is encouraged regardless of race, religion, sex, culture or ethnicity. It is important to support participation and equality of access so that every pupil has the same opportunities offered to them regardless of personal background. In order for us to achieve this we must involve the children in finding out what works well in school and what doesn’t. I believe that involving the children in this process would make the children more confident and feel more valued. Within our school we have a questionnaire that is given to staff children and parents/carers that helps us find this out. The Every Child Matters Frame work and UNCRC are embedded within our schools policies and curriculum and we believe that this helps all of our children so that they become positive, respecting, caring, competent citizens and lifelong learners. Inclusion is concerned with improving schools for all the school community. Children do better in inclusive settings, both academically and socially. Inclusive education is a more efficient way of educational resources. Children need to be involved and integrated with all their peers and local communities.

As I have worked with my current year group for a few terms now I am becoming more aware of their needs socially emotionally and educationally. This helps me to ensure that all the children can access and participate within all of the activities within the curriculum. Those children that are more vulnerable could have SEN ,who speak English as...
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