Tainos and Kalinago Settlements

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  • Published : January 2, 2013
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Theme 1
The following are possible questions on this theme:
Answer questions 1-4 for submission on Monday 15th October. 1. a) Name 2 islands occupied by the Tainos
b) Name 3 islands occupied by the Kalinago
c) Name 1 island occupied by both peoples mentioned above, At the time of European contact in 1492.

d) Name 1 territory occupied by the Maya. (7 mks)

2. Explain why most Taino and Kalinago settlements were located near the coast or by streams. (6 mks) 3. Explain why Maya technology is considered more advanced than the technology of the Tainos and Kalinago. (4 mks)

4. -------------------------------------------------
Outline the ways in which the technology of the Taino and kalinago were similar. (9 mks) (Total 25 mks)

Practice answering the following questions as part of your study schedule.

5. Explain why most Mayan towns and villages were located in the interior. (7 mks)

6. State TWO differences between Maya interior settlements and Kalinago settlements. (6 mks)

7. Give three possible reasons why the Amerindian groups of South America migrated up the Caribbean archipelago. (6 mks)

8. Suggest...
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