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Solutions Manual for Systems Architecture, Fourth Edition
Stephen Burd

Chapter 1

Systems Architecture: An Introduction

Vocabulary Exercises

1. Students of computer science generally focus on system software, while students of information systems generally focus on application software.

2. Configuration of hardware and system software occurs during the systems implementation phase of the SDLC.

3. Professional organizations with which an information systems student or professional should be familiar include Association for Computing Machinery (ACM), Association for Information Technology Professionals (AITP), and Institute for Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) Computer Society.

4. Selection of hardware and system software occurs in the system design phase of the SDLC.

5. A(n) computer operations manager typically is responsible for a large computer center and all of the software executed therein.

6. Computer specialties most concerned with hardware and the hardware/software interface are computer science and computer engineering.

7. An initial estimate of hardware and system software requirements is made during the system survey phase of the structured SDLC.

8. The job titles of persons directly responsible for developing application software include systems designer, application programmer, and systems analyst.

Review Questions

1.In what way(s) is the knowledge needed to operate complex devices different from the knowledge needed to acquire and configure them?

Operating knowledge is generally less detailed. Acquisition and configuration requires a more detailed understanding of technology to address issues of compatibility and suitability to intended purpose.

2.What knowledge of computer hardware and systems software is necessary to successfully complete the survey phase of the systems development life cycle?

A broad but not deep knowledge is required. The fundamental question answered by the survey phase is “Do unmet user needs warrant the development of a new system?”. Answering this question requires an understanding of technology required/capable to meet user needs and a rough idea of the cost of acquiring, configuring, and installing that technology.

3. What knowledge of computer hardware and systems software is necessary to successfully complete the design phase of the systems development life cycle?

The knowledge requirements are relatively deep due to the detailed nature of design tasks. These include acquisition, installation, and configuration.

4. What additional technical issues must be addressed when managing a computer center or local area network, as compared to developing a single information systems application?

Issues of cross-system compatibility and planning technology investments to meet future needs must be addressed. The IS resources of a large organization contain a suite of inter-related hardware and software technologies. These technologies partly determine the costs of providing IS services. They also define and constrain the IS capabilities that can be provided to users.

Chapter 2
Introduction to Systems Architecture

Vocabulary Exercises

1. A(n) mainframe generally supports more simultaneous users than a(n) minicomputer. Both are designed to support more than one user.

2. A(n) register is storage location implemented within the CPU.

3. The term memory or primary storage refers to storage devices, not located within the CPU, that hold instructions and data of currently executing programs.

4. A problem-solving procedure that requires the execution of one or more comparison instructions is called a(n) algorithm.

5. A(n) instruction is a command to the CPU to perform one processing function on one or two data inputs.

6. The term secondary storage describes any storage device that holds its data...
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