System Analysis and Design

Topics: Project management, Systems Development Life Cycle, Systems analysis Pages: 53 (9202 words) Published: July 10, 2012
Santa Cruz Campus
| | |COURSE CODE : CSCI14 | |COURSE TITLE : SYSTEM ANALYSIS AND DESIGN | |COURSE PREREQUISITE : CSCI04 | |COURSE TYPE : Major Course | |COURSE DURATION : 16 weeks (2 hours lecture; 3 hours laboratory per week) | |

| | |COURSE DESCRIPTION | | The course covers the basic concepts in systems analysis and design: systems concepts, the system life cycle; | |tools, techniques and methodologies for information systems requirements analysis, logical and physical design. This course also covers | |basic concepts on business organizations and processes. | |COURSE OBJECTIVES | | At the end of the term, the student is expected to be armed with a tremendous amount of technical information that will help him develop | |accurate models of complex systems, and know the step-by-step techniques for carrying out a systems analysis effort. | |Specifically, the student will encounter a great deal of real world work to learn the following analyst skills and be able to: | |Discuss the fundamental concepts of systems. | |Identify and describe the systems development life cycle. | |Understand the roles and responsibilities of being systems analysts. | |Know and apply the various analytical tools. | |Interview a variety of users to understand the true essence of a system. | |Present the result of systems analysis work so that everyone can see the true costs and benefits of developing a new system. | |Design a new system and assert the particular systems proposal made based on the result of the systems analysis. |

|COURSE OUTLINE | |Week |Topics | |1 |Introduction to Systems Design and Analysis | | |The nature of systems | | |System definition | |...
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