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  • Published: October 7, 2014
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School For Life (Montessori)
Quezon Boulevard, Kidapawan City

Course Title: Working with Numbers
Course Number: Casa 3/ Preparatory
Unit Credit: 1.5

Course Description:

Working with Numbers 3 is a 1.5 unit subject for CASA 3/Preparatory. It consists of Pre-numerical concepts to compare and order two or more concrete objects, Numerical concepts, Math operations to help the children on how to solve some problems regarding numbers, Geometry to develop visual discrimination of shapes and Time to help the child recognizes the parts of the clock and to know how to tell the time correctly. The content shows the logical sequencing with materials organized according to the fundamental steps of learning---understanding, practicing and testing. The important aspect of the subject is the integration of values and skills in the different subject areas.

General Objectives:

At the end of the school year with the use of the textbook as reference, the learners will be able to

Identify and name size, shape, length, width, weight and height Describe objects in space by proximity, position, and direction allow the child to develop color appreciation and sensitivity to the harmony of color Identify the place value for each digit

count, read and write whole number
solve equations using the different math operations
identify and describe common geometric shapes
recognize and tell the time correctly

Unit I

Working with numbers Casa 3/Preparatory pages 1-45
a. Size
To be able to compare and order two or more concrete objects according to the measurable attributes of size. To identify and name sizes such as big, bigger, biggest.
3 days (40 minutes per day)
Class discussion
Group activities
Independent study
Peer tutoring
Unit test
Summative test

b. Length
To demonstrate understanding that objects have...
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