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Department of Exercise and Nutrition Sciences

NTR 109A – Nutrition in Practice

Time/Place: Fall 2012, Section A, Mondays, 12:00-2:50 PM 203 Diefendorf, South Campus Instructor: Melissa Chabot, MS, RD, CDN
Email: (best way to contact)
Office Hours: Tuesdays 9-11 and by appointment
(G30 Farber Hall, South Campus)
See for all course related information (syllabus, class notes, Instructor/TA information, grading policies, etc.)

GoalS: The goal of this course is to explain the relationship between nutritional deficiencies and excesses and specific chronic diseases throughout the lifespan. Students will explore the relationship of current public health issues and nutritional habits. The course will combine lecture presentation of materials as well as student involvement in discussions.

Textbook: Nutrition An Applied Approach, Thompson and Manore, Custom Edition for NTR 109 (2011). The textbook will come with an access code for MyDietAnalsis (This will be used in NTR 110). These resources are available at the University Bookstore, 200 Lee Entrance, North Campus (Phone: 645-3131). You do not need to purchase a lab manual – labs will be provided to you through UBLearns.

Grading Policy: Exams are non-cumulative and multiple choice. Attendance will be taken at each class. Attendance will affect your grade. You will have 6 In-Class Article Assignments, dates are listed on Syllabus. Your lowest article score will be thrown out. See assignment details on Ublearns for further information on the Article Assignments. There will be no rescheduling of exams or assignment due dates unless students make arrangements with the Instructor in advance or have a valid written medical excuse. You can earn a bonus point if > 70% of the class completes the end of the semester online class evaluation (this will be emailed to you at the end of the semester)....
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