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TES 7040 Development of Cross-cultural Competencies


Fall 2012

|Semester Hours: 3 Units | | |Semester/Year: FA 2012 | | |Days/times: Thurs 4:00 – 7:00 pm | | |Dates: Aug. 30 – Dec. 16, 2012 | | |Lancaster School – Mexico City | | |Instructor: Dr. Alberto Hananel | | |Telephone: 044-55-4848-4141 | | |E-mail: | | | | |

TES 7040 Developing Cross-Cultural Competencies

Graduate School of Education Mission Statement:
The Graduate School of Education at Alliant International University prepares competent, confident, and conscientious educational leaders, who will promote and empower personal growth, academic success, and professional achievement for all in a global society. We accomplish this by offering our students exceptional preparation centered on multidisciplinary and holistic approaches to education.

Graduate School of Education Conceptual Framework:
The Conceptual Framework for Alliant International University Graduate School of Education Teaching Credential Program is grounded in three major theoretical and practical educational constructs. It is our shared belief that theory and practice are reflexive domains that intersect across the education continuum. This framework is grounded in constructivist theory and works of Searle (1998), Bruner (1990), and Vygotsky (1978). Additionally, the conceptual framework is grounded in neuropsychological research (i.e. Luria, 1969; Gardner, 1999; Sternberg, 2000). The first tenant of our Conceptual Framework is constructivist theory, which views learners as conscious agents whose background and prior knowledge and dispositions greatly contribute to their participation in the learning process. The second major component is the affirmation of, the commitment to, and the support for issues of diversity, inclusive of multiculturalism, cross-culturalism and globalism. The third is grounded in neuropsychological research that addresses intelligences, problem solving and conceptualization, planning and organization, academic skills, memory and cognition, language, emotions, behavior and personality, perceptual motor abilities, and attention.

We implement these concepts through the SANKOFA* Initiatives that provide the basis for all actions in the Graduate School of Education:

• Stimulate intellectual vitality, create new knowledge and engender passion for the education profession;

• Achieve international recognition in the field of education for our teaching, research and community outreach;

• Network authentic partnerships through the Partners of Success model that will embrace the mutual well-being of students, faculty and staff of our Learning Communities;

• Keep and perpetuate legacies of excellence as shared by a stakeholder coalition of alumni, faculty, students, administrators, AIU board...
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