Sustainable Communities Midterm

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  • Published : January 21, 2013
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* What is order of major sociologic eras?
* Know a basic typology of green cities (on blackboard)
* Resilence- ability to recover or adjest easily to misfortune or change. *
* Readings
Beatley 1-81
Wheeler, 8-79, 105-135,183-208, 319-373, 397-455
Slavin 1-16
Register 1-135

Examples from Beatley

Water Bears. Found in lichens (in places such as Singapore, hong kong). Can profoundly change in response to environmental conditions. Induce hibernation. Regenerate through rehydration. Bioindicator in urban environments. Point: even small thing are interesting, nature has a story.

Peregrin falcons.

Toronto “kill lights, save birds.” Certification system that shows how bird-friendly a structure is.

Victoria, Northern Spain. Compact, dense urban form. 50% trips made by foot. no tall skyscapers and little suburban development. Trying to implement green belt around city. 600 of about 1,000ha complete. Connects mountain tops surrounding the city to the city by trails.

Biomimicry Strategies for cities.
Use waste as resource
Diversify and cooperate to fully use habitat
Gather and use energy efficiently
Optimize rather than maximize
Use materials sparingly
Shop locally
Don’t foul their nests
Don’t draw down resources
Remain in balance with biosphere
Run on information.

* Four headed monster: cars, sprawl, oil, freeways
* Four types of green future landscapes: ecological city, human support city, almost natural (but inhabited by eco-conscious ppl), Nature Alone. *
* Perlman principles (Janice Perlman): There can be no sustainable city of the 21st century without social justice and political participation, as well as economic vitality and ecological regeneration. “every first world city has a Third world city within it and ever third world city has a first world city inside it somewhere” There can be no urban environmental solutions without alleviating urban poverty. Must build bottom-up.

* UN...
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