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Analysis of the Surf Excel’s 2012 Pre and Post-purchase behaviourin Mamallapuram| |
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This project traces the detergent market and the demand for one particular detergent in Mahabalipuram, a small township in Tamil Nadu. Surf Excel is a leading detergent brand produced by Hindustan Unilever Ltd in India. This product is marketed in different price ranges and quantities. There is a wide range of categories under surf excel which are designed for different types of washing machines, fabric, and needs.

The decision to choose this brand came from a quick scan of the most popular detergent brand amongst college students. There are various factors that influence a consumer’s decision making process. The project involved delving into each of these factors to figure out the distribution of surf in Mahabalipuram. Mahabalipuram is a small township full of temples and a popular tourist destination. The local population has a choice to purchase among kiranas, shopping marts, and small stalls. Indian history and culture has a heavy influence on the local population. Our survey tries to address the following questions-Influence of socio-demographic factors, and psychological factors.

The survey involved analyzing the pre-purchase and post purchase behavior of consumers. The behavior was then further analyzed by the varied inputs, suggestions, and insights provided by shop owners, stall vendors and the local population. After getting this data, market share of all detergents were analyzed and conclusions were drawn based on statistical evidence.

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Objective 2 Scope 2
History of Surf Excel5
Marketing Outlook for Surf Excel6
Primary Data Analysis 2 Secondary Data Analysis 2


Objective: To understand the consumer behaviour with the help of the Survey responses from Consumers based on their experiences with the products Surf Excel ½ kg and 1 kg packets and Surf Excel sachets.

Scope: The project involves
* Identified the potential customers for the detergent market. * Surveyed detergent customers by interviewing them face to face * Primary data collection from consumers residing near Mahabalipuram. * Secondary data collection.

* Analysis of Primary and Secondary data.

Limitations: The survey data collected is from a single geographic location. The number of data points in the sample considered is small.

Approach or Methodology: The primary data is collected from consumers by interviewing them. The collected data is organized, cleansed, represented using appropriate Data Representation Tools and analysed. Categorization

Surveyed Data

Secondary Data
Data Representation Tools
Data Drilling


History of Surf Excel:
Surf is a laundry detergent brand launched by Hindustan Unilever Limited. Unilever first launched Rinso (Laundry detergent) but it failed and after that Surf was launched in year 1959. It is one of the oldest detergents in India (and also in Pakistan). It faced a lot of competition from various new brands of low priced detergents in 1970’s. However there was a revolutionary change in 1990’s in the market share of Surf due to extensive and innovative ad campaigns.

Economic growth propelled life style changes in the Indian consumers. This enabled Unilever to introduce Surf Excel and today, Surf Excel is leads the premium detergent category in India with tagline ´Dirt is good’ (‘Dhaag Achcha Hai!’). Surf Excel is available in many variants like Surf Excel Blue, Surf Excel Quick Wash,...
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