Supply and Chain Management, Jacobs 12th Edition, Solutions

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Chapter 01 - Introduction to the Field

Review and Discussion Questions
1. What is the difference between OSM and OR/MS? Between OM and IE? Operations and Supply Management (OSM) is a synthesis of concepts and techniques that relate directly to production and distribution systems and enhance their management. Operations and Supply Management has a distinct management role that differentiates it from OR and IE. Operations and Supply Managers use the tools of OR in decision making and are concerned with many of the same issues as Industrial Engineers. Operations Research/Management Science (OR/MS) is a branch of applied mathematics, while Industrial Engineering (IE) is an engineering discipline. 2. How would you distinguish OSM from management and organizational behavior as taught at your university? Management and organizational behavior is concerned with the formulation of corporate strategic policy. Operations and Supply Management is concerned with the operations strategy, which specifies how the firm will employ its production and distribution capabilities to support its corporate strategy. 3. Take a look at the want ads in The Wall Street Journal and evaluate the opportunities for an OSM major with several years of experience. The following are some examples of jobs available to OSM graduates with several years of experience from the Wall Street Journal, January 18, 2000.


Chapter 01 - Introduction to the Field

Some additional advertisements.

4. What factors account for the resurgence of interest in OSM today? With the expanding objectives of productive and distribution systems combined with increased applications to services and increased efficiency of Japanese producers, there is increased interest in nuts and bolts issues. 5. Using Exhibit 1.2 as a model, describe the input-transformation-output relationships found in the following systems: a. An airline Inputs: passengers Components: planes, crews, equipment, terminals Primary functions: transportation Output: satisfied, safe customers b. A state penitentiary Inputs: criminals Components: legal system, physical plant (prison), guards and support staff Primary functions: segregation of prisoners from society, punishment, rehabilitation Output: reformed society members


Chapter 01 - Introduction to the Field

c. A branch office of a bank Inputs: customers Components: tellers, bank officers, teller windows, systems Primary functions: deposit and withdrawal handling, loan initiation, storing money and valuables Output: satisfied customers, positive return on loan ratios d. The home office of a major banking firm Inputs: paperwork from customers and other institutions Components: loan underwriters, clerks, computer systems Primary function: record-keeping, loan processing, coordinating cash flows Output: satisfied customers, sound investment portfolios 6. Is the DVD accompanying this book a good or a service? Explain? Looking at exhibit 1.3 - The Goods-Services Continuum, a DVD would fall under Core Goods, Data storage systems. Your core service provider - your instructor - uses this as a facilitating good to support his or her class. 7. Define the service package of your college or university. What is its strongest element? Its weakest one? The categories with examples are: Supporting facility - location, buildings, labs, parking. Facilitating goods – class schedules, computers, books Explicit services – classes with qualified instructors, placement offices Implicit services – status and reputation (e.g., Ivy League schools) At Indiana University and the University of Southern California, among their strongest elements are their business schools and their Operations Management programs (of course). Both also have very dedicated alumni networks. A weak element of Indiana University is its weak football program; for USC, weak elements are on-campus parking and housing. 8. What service industry has impressed...
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