Supervisory Chalenges Faced by Modern Supervisor

Topics: Technological change, Sociology, Technology Pages: 3 (819 words) Published: April 9, 2012

Supervisor is a person who ensures that human resources are utilized efficiently in order to attain the intended goals effectively. A modern supervisor is the one who should be well trained technically, educated, and with good leadership skills, so as to meet the actual goals of the firm. A modern supervisor is likely to have many challenges in today’s world this may be a result of the following. Change in the norm, norms is the behavior which is accepted by the society. This terminology has been clarified as the rule whereby a certain group or the entire organization uses it for the appropriate and inappropriate values. The change in norm can result into several supervisory challenges which are as follows; ● Lack of clearly defined goals and vision, with the regard to the changing of the norm the supervisor will be in a hard position to well define the goals and the vision of the firm. ● Recruiting of new staffs, due to the changing in the norms in an organization some of the staff may not be able to cope with the changes and therefore forced to leave the organization hence leaving a supervisor a great challenge in replacing their position with others. ● Loss of focus, it is very easy for the supervisor to lose focus of the organization once the norms changes. Hence creating a great challenge to his or her career. Global competitiveness, this can be referred to as the ability and the performance of a firm or organization to compete with other firm. Mostly this competition is globally beyond the national borders. In global competitiveness a supervisor is likely to face several challenges which are as follows, ● Lack...
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