Summer Internship Report

Topics: Steel, Pig iron, Steelmaking Pages: 57 (11791 words) Published: October 17, 2012
School of Economics


Submitted to Submitted By Mrs. Ekta rokade Beauty keshri
MBA(BE) 3rd sem


An endeavor is not accomplished and successful till the people who have made it possible are given due credit for making it possible. I take this opportunity to thank all those who have made the endeavor of mine successful.

First and foremost, I am very thankful to all the officers of Bokaro steel plant who really helped a lot and guided me throughout my training session, without their help I would have been unable to complete my project. These people have really been kind enough in providing me with all kinds of contextual information.

I would like to thank Mr. A.J. KACHHAP (DGM, STORE), K.K. SANYAL (AGM, BPP), Mr. N. KHASNOBIS (Sr. Manager, SSD), Mr. A.K. MISHRA (AGM, S & C) , Mrs. Meena Kamal (Sr. Manager, Marketing) and Mr. Gobind Barman (Jr. Manager, Marketing).

They all guided with their seasoned approach towards my training.

I also express my thanks to the officers and staffs of the training institute, Bokaro Steel Plant.




1. Executive summary Page No. 5-6

2. Objective of the study Page No. 7-7

3. Methodology used Page No. 8-8

4. Introduction Page No. 9-36

5. Marketing dept. of BSL Page No. 37-67

6. Data Analysis Page No .67-74

7. SWOT Analysis Page No. 75-76

8. Findings Page No. 77-78

9. Suggestions & Recommendations Page No.79-80

10. Conclusion Page No.81

11. Abbreviation Page No 82

12. Bibliography Page No. 83


The present study was undertaken to understand the details of the mode of marketing of Secondary Products of SAIL. Marketing Department of BSL (SAIL) strives to design a systematic framework to ascertain a profitable proposition out of the selling efforts of secondary and by products.

The survey was conducted in Marketing Department and Sales Coordination department(up to some extent). I had to find how auctions, fixed price, and tenders are used for marketing purpose of BSL.

Various steps involved are as follows:
1) To know about the e-auctions of marketing department.
2) To know the exhaustive usage of e-auctions to affect deals.

60% marketing and selling is done through auction and rest is taken through fixed price, selling and tenders.

Data were mainly collected from marketing department of BSL.

BSL is the largest Steel manufacturing sector of India and is top ranked in the global fortune 500 companies.

During my training, I had to find out mode of sale of secondary products of BSL. Primary products are sold by CMO, Delhi. I passed through various stages of problems and difficulties to accomplish the task of project work but it was a privilege for me to take this opportunity and challenging work to...
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