Summation of Chapter Three and Four

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  • Published : February 26, 2013
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Barbara Barclay
Andrew Buckler
English Comp II

Summation of Chapters Three and Four

In chapters three and four I found the examples to be very interesting. Not only did they show a way of incorporating the lesson they also showed us wording, punctuation, format, and on top of that, they were very interesting clips from what I am sure would be great complete essays. The fact that statistics are not always reliable is something I knew but I was glad that it was reiterated in the book. Something I did not realize was that you could draw a picture with words and it is called an illustration, this was very interesting to me.

Both chapters would be very beneficial to writing an essay. We need to use some of the information, if not all, to write a great essay. Support is going to back up our thesis in several ways. Explaining the relativity of the evidence, not just stating it, shows we did some research. Using authorities and explaining their qualifications will give our argument credible resources which will then pull the reader in your direction a little more. By giving your personal insight to the issue (testimony) it adds a personal touch to the paper which gives it emotion. Using facts in the paper give it credibility whether it is widely known facts or facts that need to be cited. Statistics can be very helpful to pull a reader to your side, but when using statistics show their origin, not all statistics are accurate. There are different types of examples that are used, examples are important to a paper because they show specific occurrences and add meaning to the argument. Allusions are references to public knowledge, anecdotes are short accounts of a particular story, and illustrations are graphic descriptions (can be done with words). Any or all of these should be in a good argument essay. An appeal to logic is a series of logical steps that lead the reader to the main claim using the support strategies. Deductive...
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