Summary on Evolution of Man

Topics: Human, Human evolution, Neanderthal Pages: 3 (888 words) Published: July 22, 2012
Science tells us that the earth and all other planets were made out of rings of hot gases revolving around the sun. Cooling and condensing over a period of billions of years formed the solid earth we now live on. Most of the earth was covered by water and the first form of life began in the form of single-celled bacteria. From the bacteria, animal life then evolved through a series of life forms up until the present day animals such as fish, reptiles, birds and beasts. Plant life also evolved from the very basic moss to trees over the same period. All this happened before the first hominid appeared on the earth. The world then continued to evolve signified by the continental drift causing the creation of the continents and the climate change. The cave men we see in museums today may fool us into thinking that they were incapable of civilization. These species, however, played an important role in world history. According to Esler (2004), “It is our prehistoric ancestors who discovered such basic skills as walking on two legs and manipulating things with their hands.” (p. 7). These cave men discovered a lot more than just walking. They explored and took advantage of the resources around them in order to survive. The development of man depended on the environment and other animals. The environment has played an important role in the history of evolution and the subdivisions which man has broken into. Man moved from living in forests to grasslands and later in ice glaciers. Each of these ecological positions played an important role in the development of man. Evolving from hunters and gatherers to agriculturalists depended on the climate. Human remains have been found all over the world by archeologists and anthropologists. The first ever discovered were in the Neander Valley of Germany in 1856. Many fossils have been unearthed among which included crude stone tools, pots and clothing. Paintings have been found on the walls of the...
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