Summary of Liquidated an Ethnography of Wall Street by Karen Ho

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  • Published : September 20, 2012
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Social and Cultural Anthropology
Studying Cultures: A Blueprint
Ethnography: Liquidated an Ethnography of Wall Street

1) Name of the society: Wall Street society
2) Source: Liquidated An Ethnography of Wall Street
3) author or anthropologist: Karen Ho
4) specific location: Wall Street, New York City, New York, USA 5) description of the living arrangements: N/A
6) government: it is governed economically by The Dow Jones Industrial Average which is an index showing how 30 large, publicly owned companies in the U.S. have traded during a standard trading session in the stock market. This in turn affects all other stocks on the market. 7) religious practices: N/A

8) general values and beliefs: A falloff in Wall Street's economy could have wrenching effects on the local and regional economies. Wall Street pay, in terms of salaries and bonuses and taxes, is an important part of the economy of New York City, the tri-state metropolitan area, and the United States. 9) educational system: N/A

10) type of economy: pure free market. CEOs/ board of directors of large companies have complete control over the growth of their companies, how to maximize profits, etc. Neglect on their part can have severe ramifications on stockholders and future of the companie. 11) level of technological development: Highly dependent on technological advancements as these may allow individual companies to increase profit (such as Microsoft or Intel) which generally raises the prosperity of the market. Also all trading is done electronically through mediums known as TD AmeriTrade, E*TRADE, Scottrade, and NASDAQ. 12) kinship system: Related primarily due to the fact that many of the people in the same company are coworkers. Corporate Mergers then unite different firms of the same category together. 13) Marriage type: Endogamy-companies usually merge with others that are in their same industry. For example AT&T-BellSouth. Exogamy- companies can extend their area of business by...
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