Summary of Boyz N Books

Topics: Female, Boy, Male Pages: 2 (668 words) Published: March 17, 2013
Kyle Hughes
ENG.1510 Comp. 1
17 March 2013
Summary of “Boyz n the Book”
In her article, Mary Grabar, author of “Boyz n the Book”. The article begins to explain the enrollment into a college by gender, as told by Department of Education, they recorded in 2005 the total fall enrollment made up to be 57 percent and knowing that gender discrepancies will increase in further dates. Grabar explains how women tend to excel in an English career and men typically in a mathematical, engineering career. To support, the article says that boys in high school fall lower in a reading test score than girls, but that’s justifying that the girls read every day rather than once a week. The article, “Boyz n the Book” emphasizes that males in schools tend to care more about what they want to read or what is more exciting to them and maybe what they would rather do instead of focus on an academic acceptance.

In many cases, one may find that a male student would rather play or do an activity than write a paper or read for a specific class. Data gathered by the Association of American Publishers showed that women are 35 percent more likely to study daily and 23 percent more likely to read their material thoroughly (Grabar). As Grabar explains, males would rather play sports or doing activities outside than females that tend to strive for academic excellence and improve their academic environment. The University of North Carolina supports by saying boys have few male reading role models at home or in school. Most librarians seen in school are females. Also traditionally, the mother reads to the child more than the father (Grabar). This is showing that women are more superior in reading and writing to the males, and males tend to focus on an activity or something more exciting. The author believes that boys are more conflict and action driven in the case of books or games, but girls prefer books or games with sensitivity or cooperation (Grabar). Boys tend to find that in...
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