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Topics: Human anatomy, Physiology, Anatomy Pages: 2 (390 words) Published: April 29, 2013
Type of Course (GE/Major) & SectionCourse Name and Number Unit Value B1. Physical ScienceCHEM or PHYS
B3. Laboratory ExperienceBIO, CHEM, OR PHYS
C3. Explorations in the Arts or HumanitiesPHIL 314 Medical Ethics 3 C4. Origins of World CivilizationHIST 110A World Civilizations to the 16th Century 3 D3. American History, Institutions and ValuesHIST 170A United States to 1877 3 D4. American GovernmentPOSC 100 American Government 3 D5. Explorations in Social SciencesPSYC 341 Abnormal Psychology 3 E. Lifelong Learning and Self DevelopmentPSYC 361 Developmental Psychology 3 Z. Cultural Diversity RequirementANTH/WMST 316 Anthropology of Sex and Gender 3 Major Prerequisite CourseKNES 210 Human Anatomy and Physiology 3

Major Prerequisite CourseKNES 112A Beginning Surfing 1
Major Prerequisite CourseKNES 145 Cardio Kick-Boxing 1
Major Prerequisite CourseKNES 131A Beginning Tennis 1
Major Prerequisite CourseKNES 164B Intermediate Volleyball 1
Major Foundation CourseKNES 260 Movement Anatomy 3
Major Foundation CourseKNES 349 Measurements and Statistics in Kinesiology 3
Major Disciplinary Core CourseKNES 300 Principles of Human Movement 3
Major Disciplinary Core CourseKNES 348 Physiology of Exercise 3
Major Disciplinary Core CourseKNES 371 Human Motor Control and Learning 3
Major Disciplinary Core CourseKNES 380 History and Philosophy of Human Movement 3
Major Disciplinary Core CourseKNES 381 Sports, Games and Culture 3
Major Disciplinary Core CourseKNES 383 Psychology of Sport and Physical Activity 3 Major Focus Area – Pre-AlliedBIO 361 Human Anatomy 4 Major Focus Area – Pre-Allied...
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