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English Language Teaching Institute IASE, Bikaner

Study Materials for Senior Secondary Examination RBSE Compulsory English

Prepared by Narendra Agarwal Senior Teacher (Grade I) English Govt. Varishth Upadhyay Sanskrit School, 5CHM Kakadwala, Bikaner Academic Support Ram Gopal Sharma Chief Resource Person, ELTI, IASE, Bikaner Edited by Rameshwar Lal Basera Reader, ELTI, IASE, Bikaner Released by CM Gangwal Director, ELTI, IASE, Bikaner


BSER Senior Secondary Examination, 2013 Compulsory English
Techniques and a collection of questions Main Features:1. Prepared for Hindi medium schools according to the BSER syllabus. 2. Easier in form to teach. Even students can learn and understand themselves. 3. This is not a gas paper though, expected to be found useful in the exam paper 2013. 4. Suggestions may be found imaginary but they are based on experience in Hindi medium schools. 5. Teachers and others are requested not to see this effort in the light of literary or excellence work, it is only a help for the students, as described above. General Suggestions: (i) Teachers should inform the students that the question paper will contain 12 questions in all. (ii) These 12 questions will be divided into three sections 'A', 'B' and 'C'. (iii) Section 'A' includes 2 questions, Question 1 presents an unseen passage for comprehension, it will have nine questions,each carries 1 mark based on the comprehension. Students have to

English Language Teaching Institute, IASE, Bikaner (Rajasthan) India


answer Q. (i) to (vi), questions (vii) to (ix) contain group of words, students have to supply one word from the passage for these group of words. (iv) Q.N. 2 of section 'A will have 2 parts.(a)&(b), students are required to make notes in part ‘a’ on the basis of their reading of the given unseen passage, using heading and subheading, this carries 4marks, part (b) requires a summary of the passage with a suitable title, it carries 2 marks. (v) Section 'B' writing portion, will have Q.3 to Q.6, each question with an internal choice. Q. No.3 carries 4 marks whereas Q. 4 to Q. 6 carries 7 marks each. (vi) In question No 3, students will be asked to write a short composition, in about 50 words, from advertisements/notices/ posters/arguments (for or against a topic)/ accepting or declining invitations. (vii) Students have to write a report on an event or a factual description on given subject, with in about 100 words, in Q.No.4 (viii) In question No. 5, students will be asked to write a business or official letter or a letter to an editor or an application for a job. (ix) (x) Question No. 6 includes writing an article or a speech. Section 'C' of the questions paper contains Q. 7 to Q.12. Q.7 will be from the text book Flamingo, it contains extracts from the poems and students have to attempt one out of the two options. There will be three questions below the extract to answer. Q. 7 carries 4 marks for three questions, Q. 8 carries 6 marks for the given 3 questions, Q. 9 carries 8 marks for the given 4 questions,

English Language Teaching Institute, IASE, Bikaner (Rajasthan) India


Q. 10 and 11 carries 7 marks each and Q.12 carries 8 marks for the given 4 questions. (xi) Question No. 7 will be from the text book Flamingo, it gives extracts of the poems, with an internal choice and students will answer the given three questions below the extract. (xii) Questions No. 8 will also be from the poetry section of the text book Flamingo and students have to answer these three questions out of the given four. (xiii) Q. No. 9 will be from the prose portion of the text book Flamingo, and requires the answer of given 4 questions. (xiv) Q.10 will be asked from the prose portion of the text book Flamingo, with an internal choice. (xv) Q. No. 11 will be taken from the text book Vistas, it also has an internal choice. (xvi) Q. No. 12 will have 4 questions from the text book Vistas, students will be required to answer all 4...
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