Study Guide: the Founding of a Nation

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  • Published: December 9, 2012
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Zhaoyang Wang
Mr. Ogden
English II
Study Guide Unit2: the founding of a nation
Anonymous “The child of snow” (1972)
Summary: A merchant often goes abroad. His wife became enamored of a young neighbor and had a child. She lied that the child is from the fall of snow. The merchant knew his wife’s betraying and planned to revenge. One day, the merchant took the fifteen year old boy with him abroad and sold him. When he came back, he said that the boy of snow melted when climbing a mountain. Guide question:

1. Does this story have a moral? If so, what might it be?
It has a moral. It might want to tell us that we should not lie and be honest. If not, we will be punished later. Also, a wife should be loyal to her husband. 2. Does this story “feel” like a modern short story? If not, what’s different? Consider all the features of a story that you have learned about (tone, character, setting, voice, pacing, climax, etc.) It is partly like a modern short story but still has some shortcomings. It is like a modern story because 1. There is a clear and consistent plot 2. The story tries to give us a moral lesson 3. It is attractive with a unforeseen conclusion. 4. Humor (?) It is not like a modern short story because 1. It misses emotion and interior access 2. Characters are stable and there is no development. • It is a European short story published in America, while no American noticed the difference. It showed at that time, there was no culture distinction between English & America.

Benjamin Franklin, Excerpt from the autobiography (1793)
Describe culture identity of America: 1. looking for a model by which they can better their lives 2.prove to the English that the Americans are a great people of virtue and industry, and America is a country which has great economic mobility. Also show 13 names of virtue by BF. (Representation of American culture identity) Guide question:

1. Examine the regiment that Franklin describes in...
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