Study Guide for Abnormal Psych Anxiety Disorders

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  • Published : December 13, 2011
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Review – Exam 1
How do we define abnormal behavior?
What is the DSM-IV definition?

Epidemiological terms
Incidence Prevalence


Review – Exam 1
Historical Perspectives
Supernatural Biological Psychological Identify each perspectives explanation for the cause of behavior and treatment methods, key figures and their contributions.



Review – Exam 1
Physiological explanations of abnormal behavior
Pathogen/disease Genetic flaw (chromosomal abnormality v. genetic mutation) Diathesis-stress model Explain and give an example of each pathway to mental illness

Review – Exam 1
Behavioral Genetics
What does it aim to study? (Hint: heritability) Identify and explain the basic research methods. ○ Twin studies ○ Family studies ○ Adoption studies

Review – Exam 1
Know the basic neurotransmitters implicated in psychopathology How are neurotransmitters thought to contribute to mental illness? What suggests that abnormalities in neurotransmitter activity are not the sole cause of mental illness?



Review – Exam 1
Clinical assessment
Reliability Validity Standardization What do these terms mean? How are they related to the various types of psychological tests?

Review – Exam 1
Mental Status Exam
What are its components?

Psychological testing
Projective tests Objective tests Explain the difference between each type and give two examples of each.

Review – Exam 1
How is neuroimaging used in assessment/diagnosis? Identify some of the issues associated with the current revision of the DSM.



Review – Exam 1
Characteristics of depressed mood Characteristics of manic mood Major Depression Postpartum Depression SAD Dysthymia Know the characteristics and general information about each unipolar disorder

Review – Exam 1
Bipolar I Bipolar II Cyclothymia
Know Kno the basic characteristics and general information about each disorder.

Mood disorders
Identify and...
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