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Topics: Louis XVI of France, French Revolution, Louis XVIII of France Pages: 2 (394 words) Published: March 24, 2013
French Revolution/ Napoleonic Era
* National “Constituent” Assembly, the new assembly not only set to work drawing up France’s first constitution, but engineered a wholesale transformation of French political and social structures that went far beyond anything most of them had requested in their grievance lists. * During the French Revolution, the Legislative Assembly was the legislature of France from 1 October 1791 to September 1792. It provided the focus of political debate and revolutionary law-making between the periods of the National Constituent Assembly and of the National Convention. * The Legislative Assembly was driven by two opposing groups. The members of the first group were primarily moderate members of the bourgeoisie that favored a constitutional monarchy, represented by the Feuillants, who felt that the revolution had already achieved its goal.[1] The second group was the democratic faction, for whom the king could no longer be trusted, represented by the new members of the Jacobin club.[2] This group claimed that more revolutionary measures were necessary.[ * the citizens of Varennes had been asked to elect their own municipal and regional governments and to participate directly in the day-to-day implementation of new laws * Louis XVI fleeing the very constitution he had sworn to defend * Appearance of soldiers in Varennes had led to enormous tensions. We know that this action was part of the general movement of troops intended to protect the king’s escape, a conspiracy in which Bouille was intimately involved. * The king’s flight had dangerous conspiracies involving foreign soldiers and perhaps foreign armies * The night the king suddenly appeared in a small town in northeastern France is arguable one of the most dramatic and poignant moments in the entire French Revolution. * Local inhabitants=reshape their lives

* Louis’ most pervasive impact on the train of events probably...
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