Study Guide-Enterprise Development

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  • Published : March 16, 2013
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STUDY GUIDE (Chapters 1-4)
Note: There will be four chapters on the midterm exam, so “please” read all four chapters in detail, because the questions will challenge you to “think”. Study the information that I have listed below. Please bring a number two pencil for the exam. It will be a scantron test.

Who is Ewing Kauffman?
Entrepreneurial opportunities are those situations in which new goods, services, raw materials and organizing methods can be sold at greater than their production cost. •.Understand the elements of a Business Plan. What is the definition of a Business Plan.

Understand the Entrepreneurial Process
What is the importance of having a mentor?
Know the definition of an Entrepreneur
Read the section that talks about “How Entrepreneurs THINK” •Know the definition of Business Ethics
Understand what Breakthrough Innovation is about within an company.

Robert Mondavi Winery was the first Californian to produce and market premium wines that were expected to compete with European wines. •What is Corporate entrepreneurship?
What is Corporate venturing?
Entrepreneurs focus on how to minimize resources needed whereas traditional firms focus on accumulating resources. •Know what entrepreneurial self-efficacy is about?
Know the definition of entrepreneurial intentions
Understand Managerial versus Entrepreneurial Decision Making •Know the definition of culture.

Knowledge is the basis of the entrepreneurial resource. •Know what entrepreneurial strategy is?
Understand what patents are and its impact on a business. •Know what a entrepreneurial strategy consist of within a business •What are resources?
Understand the definitnion of market knowledge
What is a window opportunity?
Know the definition of emerging industries
What is switching costs?
Know the definition of risk
Know the definition of...
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