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Culture& Media Study Guide
Particular technological configurations;
oNotion of inventions.[invented by society]
oSociety changes the way things are viewed.
Certain laws, rules, and understandings;
oPertaining to what can be shown in the media
oPrivate broadcasters must adhere to CBSC [global & CTV news must follow their rules what can be shown and when oCBSC provides guidelines so that private broadcasters can follow Persons occupying certain roles;

oSpecific owners who specify what others should be doing and how Representation
oPutting ideas into something can take a variety of forms because everything is represented in a specific manor depending on what I am trying to get across. Notion of signs and semiotics. Everything has a meaning regardless of if language is used. oMass media according to a capitalist perspective: is an economic basis made for profit. oMACRO THEORY: overall structure within society

oAll media aspects convey the same message very differently

Marx and Ruling Class
People control wealth and power within a society. Masses had to follow of form revolution. Selected few have the ability to project ideals on the subordinates (majority population) Marx oMedia serve dominant elite

oWhen dominant parties control the media their needs are portrayed oBy having the dominant elite control the media their ideologies are portrayed and thus influence the masses. oDominant portray aspects of life that are related to how society should place value systems.

Structure of Organization
Structure = same/ content is different, evolves with every society. The media shapes public discourse.
oHistorically speaking people have looked to the elites/ influential people to base their opinions and values on. oIdeology is different from structure
oStructure changes ideology
oMaterial idea
oForm structure
Depending on the structure the idea’s change
oEx: World War 2 women working in factories leads to  woman’s rights in the 60’s & 70’s (structure changed ideology) Naomi Klein  Advertising & branding
oMagazines turning their offices into market research firms oReaders are turning into focus groups in order to provide the most cherished “value-added” they can offer their clients: highly detailed demographic information about their readership, amassed through extensive surveys and questionnaires oBranding content integration

Blur line between editorial and advertising much more aggressively on the net •Ex: Teen People site; readers can click and order cosmetics & clothing as they read about it. oContent developers

Produce editorial that will make an ad-cozy home for the developers’ brand name clients. oGoal:
oFor their brands to become integrated into the heart of culture oWant their brand to earn the right to become accepted
oCorporations aren’t just selling their products online, they’re selling a new model for the media’s relationship with corporate sponsors and backers oFirst truly branded network: MTV
oViewers didn’t watch individual shows they watched MTV
oAdvertisers wanted to co-brand with the station: giveaways, contests, movies, concerts, and contests, award ceremonies, clothing, countdowns, listings, credits cars, etc… oDramatic in film industry

oEx: Nike, Mac, Starbucks conceptualized as branded media properties oFilms allow stars to cross promote in books, magazines, & TV oBranding of music
oTake a cool artist and associate that mystique with your brand, hope it wears off and makes you cool too oHilfiger and Rolling Stones:
Rolling stones were nowhere to be seen in the ads
They were selling the idea of rock and roll
Models posed with their own guitars
Or at concerts at the back in Hilfiger rock collection
oBrands & Stars have become the same thing

Notion of Ideology
Ideological & value messages
oWhat is trying to be portrayed
oHow are values...
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