Study Guide Chapter 5


Civil Liberties

Multiple Choice questions
|ANS: E |1. The use of dogs to sniff high school lockers for drugs has been determined by the Supreme | |Page: 98 |Court to be | |Type: Factual |a. unconstitutional. | | |b. constitutional under all circumstances. | | |c. constitutional if parental permission is obtained. | | |d. constitutional if supervised by a federal agent. | | |e. constitutional if incident to a reasonable search. | |Ans: E |2. A person treating the U.S. flag contemptuously is | |Page: 98 |a. subject to conviction in federal court. | |Type: Factual |b. subject to conviction in state court. | | |c. subject to conviction in state and federal court. | | |d. protected by Fourth Amendment rights. | | |e. protected by the right to exercise free speech. | |Ans: A |3. The case of Dr. Samuel H. Sheppard and Walter Winchell illustrates how civil liberties | |Page: 99 |issues arise when | |Type: Factual |a. the rights of different groups are in conflict. | | |b. the costs of enforcing rights are excessive. | | |c. passions are inflamed by entrepreneurs. | | |d. principles themselves are in conflict. | | |e. the costs of enforcement are moderate. | |Ans: C |4. Conflicts in civil liberties often arise because | |Page: 99 |a. majoritarian politics is ineffective in resolving crises. | |Type: Conceptual |b. the U.S. Constitution is vague on issues of individual rights. | | |c. the Bill of Rights lists several competing rights. | | |d. policy entrepreneurs rarely operate in the civil rights area. | | |e. the Supreme Court has refused to play a leading role in the interpretation of the First | | |Amendment. | |Ans: E |5. Civil liberties conflicts between the Fraternal Order of Police and the American Civil | |Page: 99...
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