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  • Published : March 27, 2013
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Research Proposal Project
Topic and Hypothesis
Our experiment is about how people in various countries react to two people in a physical fight. We chose this topic because we wanted to see if people would be willing to step in to stop a fight, even if it meant they may be injured. Also, we wanted to know if race had anything to do with a person’s willingness to step in, thus we are conducting the study in multiple countries. Along with this we want to see if the gender of the people fighting effect peoples willingness to intervene. From our previous experiences we were able to create a prediction of what will happen. Our prediction, hypothesis, was, if people observe other people in a physical fight, then most people will walk by no matter the country. We believe this because from our previous experiences, most people are not willing to step up in these kinds of situations. This may be because people don’t think that it’s their business or issue since they don’t know the two people. From our experiment we want to see how this situation is reacted to in various countries, thus our population will be the whole world. To test our experiment we are going to control the people that are fighting, like gender and race. We will also be changing the country in which we are holding the experiment. Thus our independent variables are the country, along with gender and race of the two fighters. We will measure how people react to the fight and how many people step in. These will be out dependent variables, people’s reactions and how many people intervene. We will measure people’s reaction by writing down our observations of the people and we record how many stepped in on a data table. Design

Since it will be difficult to test everyone in the world we are going to set up the experiment in the ten most populated countries in the world. Also, instead of doing it throughout the whole country we will hold the experiments in the capitol cities. Thus our sample...
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