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  • Published: February 24, 2013
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SYG 2323 ____Intro To Criminology

Course Learning Outcomes

In General, always be able to present a review of the key insights from any classroom video or activity connected to each chapter. Also, know the key terms and be able to explore the critical thinking questions at the end of each chapter. Upon completion of the assigned material, you should be able to: CHAPTER 1: The Changing Boundaries of Criminology 1. Discuss the relationship between terrorism and seven transnational crimes. 2. Explain the reach of criminology as a reflection of the greater process of globalization. 3. Discuss the evolution of the field of criminology. 4. Explain why criminology can be described as a multi-discipline. 5. Explain the difference between deviance and crime. 6. Compare and contrast the consensus model and the conflict model.

CHAPTER 2: Counting Crime and Measuring Criminal Behavior 1. Discuss the seven basic ingredients of crime. 2. Explain how a defense can negate one or more of the basic ingredients of crime. 3. Discuss the strengths and weaknesses of the various methods of collecting data. 4. Compare and contrast the Uniform Crime Reports (UCR) and the National Crime Victimization Survey (NCVS). 5. Explain the difference between the aging-out phenomenon and the life-course perspective.

CHAPTER 3: Schools of Thought Throughout History 1. Compare and contrast the classical school and the positivist school of criminology. 2. Discuss the elements of Beccaria’s plan for a rational and just criminal justice system. 3. Discuss the challenges to Lombrosian theory and their significance. 4. Discuss the somatotype school of criminology. 5. Explain possible implications of biological determinism. 6. Discuss the concept of psychological determinism. 1

7. Discuss Durkheim’s concept of anomie in a homogeneous versus a heterogeneous society.

CHAPTER 4: Psychological and Biological Perspectives 1. Explain the roles of the id, the ego, and the superego. 2. Discuss Kohlberg’s three phases of moral development, and the respective effect on behavior. 3. Discuss the seven important features of attachment according to Bowlby. 4. Explain how social learning theory applies to delinquent behavior. 5. Discuss the evolving definition of mental illness, and how this affects the criminal justice system. 6. Explain why researchers have sought to study identical and fraternal twins in an attempt to test for a relationship between genetics and criminality.

CHAPTER 5: Strain and Cultural Deviance Theories (not covered) 1. Explain the concept of anomie. 2. Compare and contrast the various types of strain theory. 3. Compare and contrast social disorganization theory, differential association theory, and culture conflict theory.

CHAPTER 7: Social Control Theory 1. Explain what social control theory. 2. Discuss the four social bonds that Hirschi posited that promote socialization and conformity. 3. Explain Matza’s concept of drift. 4. Compare and contrast the inner and outer containment mechanisms as set forth in Reckless’ containment theory. 5. Explain the evolving forms and roles of social control in developmental theory.

CHAPTER 8: Labeling, Conflict, and Radical Theories 1. Discuss the basic assumptions of labeling theory. 2. Compare or contrast the consensus and conflict models of criminal lawbreaking. 2

3. Explain the origin of radical criminology. 4. Discuss some of the critical perspectives that have emerged over the past decade, including radical feminist theory, left realism, abolitionist and anarchist criminology, and peacemaking criminology.

CHAPTER 10: Violent Crimes 1. Differentiate amongst the various categories of criminal homicide. 2. Explain the concept of victim precipitation. 3. Explain the difference between a simple assault and an aggravated assault. 4. Discuss the evolution of laws related to rape. 5. Discuss the characteristics of robbers. 6. Discuss the rise of organized crime in the United States....
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