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• Problem Definition

Problem could simply indicate an interest in a issue where finding the right answers might help to improve an existing situation. Problem must be identified and defined.
Any situation where gap exists between the actual and the desired ideal states. It could encompass both existing problem in a current setting, as well as the quest for idealistic states in organization. Researchers hypothesize relationship of independence and dependence: they invent them, and then they try by reality testing to see if the relationship actually work that way. What is Problem Definition

Problem definition or problem statement is a clear, precise, and succinct statement of the question or issue that is to be investigated with the goal of finding an answer or solution. It pertains to:

Existing business problem
1. where a manager is looking for a solution
2. Situations that may not pose any current problems but which managers feel have scope for improvement. 3. areas where some conceptual clarity is needed for better theory building. 4. Situations in which a researchers are trying to answer a research question empirically because of interest in the topic. Symptoms of the problem are not defined as the REAL PROBLEM.

illustrative example:
Symptoms – decline in productivity, how to increase productivity?

Real problem – low morale and motivation of employees, low compensation plan and benefits

Point of view of Managers
1. Severe decline in productivity

2. Company fast losing its market share

Antecedents – Problem – Consequence sequence

Is anything that can take on differing or varying values. The values can differ at various times for the same object or person, or at the same time for different objects or persons.

Variable examples
Production units
Types of variable
The dependent variable
The independent variable
The moderating...
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