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Topics: Cnidaria, Arthropod, Chordate Pages: 28 (5753 words) Published: November 21, 2012
Invertebrate Questions

Indicate whether the statement is true or false.

____1.The acute senses of arthropods are the result of organs such as compound eyes and antennae.

____2.Arthropods have a well-developed excretory system consisting of nephridia.

____3.The well-developed arthropod nervous system consists of a double ventral nerve cord, an anterior brain, and several ganglia.

____4.Efficient gas exchange in arthropods is accomplished by tracheal tubes, book lungs, or gills.

____5.The exoskeleton is a protective adaptation that enables arthropods to move freely.

____6.Jointed appendages are advantageous because they are limited in their strength and functions.

____7.In arthropods, appendages are adapted for a variety of purposes including sensing, walking, feeding, and mating.

____8.The exoskeleton of arthropods is harder and provides more protection than the cuticle of annelids.

Modified True/False
Indicate whether the statement is true or false. If false, change the identified word or phrase to make the statement true.

____9.Roundworms are have one body opening. _________________________

____10.All roundworms are parasites. _________________________

____11.Trichinella can be ingested in raw or undercooked pork. _________________________

____12.Pinworms are the most common parasites in children living in the United States. _________________________

____13.Hookworms can be contracted by eating improperly cooked infected pork. _________________________

____14.The most complex and most recently evolved mollusks are gastropods. _________________________

____15.Earthworms are hermaphrodites because each worm produces both eggs and sperm. _________________________

____16.The respiratory organs in aquatic gastropods are primitive lungs. _________________________

____17.Gastropods have two shells. _________________________

____18.The excretory structures in mollusks are called nephridia. _________________________

____19.Bivalves obtain food by predation. _________________________

____20.In shelled mollusks, the radula secretes the shell. _________________________

Multiple Choice
Identify the choice that best completes the statement or answers the question.

____21.Animals with bilateral symmetry find food and mates and avoid predators more efficiently because they have _____. a.|body cavities|c.|tails|
b.|more muscular control|d.|the ability to see in all directions|

____22.Which of these animals has bilateral symmetry?

____23.What type of symmetry does a penny have?
a.|bilateral symmetry|c.|no symmetry|
b.|radial symmetry|d.|biaxial symmetry|

____24.Which of the following applies to a sponge?
a.|intracellular digestion|c.|bilateral symmetry|
b.|has a gastrula stage|d.|develops three embryonic layers|

____25.The animal's digestive tract forms from the _____.

____26.The embryo layer that forms the skin and nervous tissue is the _____. a.|endoderm|c.|ectoderm|

Figure 25-2

____27.In Figure 25-2, where is the ectoderm?

____28.In Figure 25-2, where is the endoderm?

____29.In Figure 25-2, where is the mesoderm?

____30.In Figure 25-2, where is the gastrula?

____31.In Figure 25-2, if part A develops into a mouth, this organism will be a _____. a.|protosome|c.|autosome|

Figure 25-3

____32.Which of the organisms in Figure 25-3 is asymmetrical? a.|A|c.|C|

____33.Which of the organisms in Figure 25-3 probably has the most muscular control? a.|A|c.|C|

____34.Which of the organisms in Figure 25-3 has the most complex systems developed...
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