Student Activism Promotes Economic Change

Topics: Voting, Election, Democracy Pages: 2 (576 words) Published: December 12, 2012
Don’t Gamble Your Future and Vote

Why should you vote on Tuesday? You should vote on Tuesday because as a young adult you don’t want to jeopardize your future. Your vote can only benefit and help our country, also support prop 30 if you’re attending college, so that politics can stop cutting our school budgets. The more young adults get involved on Tuesday’s elections, the greater the chances are for their voices to be heard.

As a young adult you might to think to yourself “Does my vote count?” “ “Why should I vote?” or even “What do I get out of all this? If the government is so corrupted that they will choose who will win the election anyway? First of yes your vote does matter!! Why? The government doesn’t know whom you’re voting for, but they do know if you voted or not. They are able to track the age number of voters and that includes you the “Young adults” and they compare it to other age voters and the minority always tends to be the young adults. So by tracking the votes they’re able to target youngest age group to win elections. There is no right or wrong person to vote for, so no need to worry unless you don’t end up voting at all that’s basically gambling your future. The benefits you will get from voting depends on who you vote for, and what your needs might be, like I said before there isn’t a right or wrong person to vote for but you can gain a president to win the election, that can help impact your future for the best. For example one may offer health care benefits, lowers taxes, and help our schools keep the programs that been taken away within the years. Your in charge and decide issues on your street like when to fix potholes, set parking fees, change speed limits, and fix streetlights. Nevertheless such as libraries, parks, kindergartens, health clinics and other low-income and safety nets. The Benefits of voting are highly important if this effect’s you. Think about how hard it will be when you want to get classes to transfer but...
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