Stress Management Weekly Log Example

Topics: Time, Force, Happiness Pages: 4 (1266 words) Published: February 14, 2013

Your responses must include only your thoughts and ideas, and not a recap of the material.

Response to Questions (do not include questions!)| Our past experiences influence our perceptions, which influence whether we get stressed in a particular situation. Our past experiences trigger emotions good or bad. When we go to a resturant, for example, and previously waited an hour to be seated, we have a predisposition thoughts that it is always going to take that long. As a result, we may not elect to dine at the resturant again and definitely not recommend it to others. If we did elect to dine at the resturant again, we may be more inclined to be stressed while waiting, thinking it might take longer to be seated than suspected. We tend to judge everything based on past events. If I failed the first midterm, that experience will influence the way I feel I will do on the second midterm. I may be more inclined to be stressed up until the day of the test.I agree that its not the hours that we work that causes stress but how we spend the hours. Dealing with angry customers for an hour is more stressful than helping happy ones for five hours. Someone will get more benefit out of rigorously studying material for a short period of time versus leasurley studying with friends all day. In the end, you are going to be more stressed about your test if you have not been dedicated to your studying. Stress has somewhat of a correlation with how many hours you work because you may be cutting into time that needs to be spent elsewhere. Stress has everything to do with how you feel during the hours of work because if you have a negative attitude, then you are going to be more suseptable to stress.Technology has increased and decreased our stress levels. As a parent, when our children are fighting about who gets to go on the computer and when is their turn up, technology has increased stress levels. Children don’t play outside anymore and definitely do not...
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