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Topics: Learning, Study skills, Homework Pages: 2 (561 words) Published: February 25, 2013
As exams gain on us I’ve noticed more and more students having small stress attacks around the lockers. Not noticing how close exams are, people are beginning to stress out about the amount of study they should be doing each night, what for, and that they don’t remember zip from the term before! This is completely normal for teens to feel this way before their first exams, but too much stress can cause meltdowns, tears, anger and frustration at not doing as well in their exams because they are so overloaded with stress! So, for these very first exams for year 10 I will present some ways to cope with stress, and maybe to try eliminate it altogether. Firstly you must have good study skills. And you don’t just have these, you have to work hard to develop good study skills. Firstly, get yourself a comfortable environment. May it be your kitchen table, sitting on your bed, on the floor, at a desk, or at the school library. Make sure you feel comfortable wherever you are, that you’re warm but not too warm, you have water, and everything you need to make you feel the most comfortable. Also, somewhere with not to many distractions! If you sit in the lounge room with the tv on behind you, you’re not going to remember a thing! If you sit at your desk with Facebook open right in front of you, turn it off! And if you’re at the library and you catch yourself staring off into that amazing view, move somewhere where you’re facing a wall! Get concentrated! Now, get organised. Without organisation you have no way of studying. Make sure when you go home you have all the right books with you for your study for that night. Maybe have a study book with all your notes in the one place. Don’t get lazy! Being organised is a key point for successful study! From here your study skills are completely up to you. The way you study may be the exact opposite way from how your best friend studies, but that doesn’t matter, everyone learns in a different way - but this is a skill you must learn...
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