Strategic Management

Topics: Strategic management, Management, Strategy Pages: 4 (945 words) Published: April 27, 2013
International Islamic University Chittagong
Program: RMBA /EMBA


Credit Hour: 03 Contact Hour: 03/week

Course Objective:

Most Schools of Business/Management-all over the world have a capstone course in their curriculum that concerned with “Strategies and policies”. Many of them title this course as “Strategic Management”. The course is aimed to focus on top management and total organization rather than functional areas of a business organization. This course emphasizes basically on strategic management, strategic planning rather than classical/function of management. After studying the course, the learners/future managers would be able to utilize their knowledge to address the issues frequently faced by senior management e.g. how to respond to changing environments, how to allocate resources over the organizations various units, how to compete in each of the industries in which the organization participates, how to create a unified strategic effort throughout the business unit.

Mid Term examination:

1) Introduction: Meaning of Strategy, Strategic management – Strategy and the quest for competitive advantage-Identifying a company’s strategy –Why a company’s strategy evolves over time-A company’s strategy is partly reactive and partly proactive-Strategy and ethics-Business model-Relationship between company’s strategy and business model-What makes strategy a winner-Importance of Crafting and executing strategy.

2) The Managerial Process of crafting and executing strategy : Steps of strategy making and strategy executing process-Developing a strategic vision-Characteristics of a vision statement ,Shortcomings of vision slogan, Communicating the strategic vision, Linking vision with company values-Financial objectives and strategic objectives-Balanced score card approach of setting strategic objectives-Who participates in crafting a company’s strategy- Company’s...
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