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Environmental Analysis
Earl Lee
Bellevue University

The Veterans administration is fortunate enough to not be affected by the Affordability Care Act. Veteran healthcare will continue as usual by not being affected by the changes proposed in the Affordability Care Act. However, an analysis of environmental factors does have an effect on veteran’s healthcare. For example rural healthcare, treatment by community outpatient clinics and ethnic disparity in healthcare are affect by environmental factors.

Environmental Analysis
The Veterans Administration (VA) should constantly be monitoring the current healthcare environment for trends and new treatment methods for post-traumatic stress disorders (PTSD). By monitoring the current trends treatment the VA is able to modify, change or continue the current treatment methods being used on past and current veterans. These trends allow the organization to scan for external environmental data to assist in treatment plans and recovery methods for veterans. This monitoring would confirm or disprove the possibility of various trend directions.

These trends could be placed in various categories of economic, social/demographic and technological (Swayne, Duncan & Ginter, 2008). Current outpatient treatment of PTSD by the VA has to be modified to treat a younger population of soldier and the VA has to monitor current trends in healthcare used by the private sector. The treatment methods have to be adjusted to not only treat PTSD but injuries as a result of combat. This dual-use by a more technologically educated group of veterans makes monitoring by the VA a must in treatment. Also patients are choosing to use the VA for care due to the costs associated with receiving care from a private provider (Simpson, 2006). This would prevent VA patients from seeking emergency room care therefore adding to the ever increasing healthcare costs.

Another area that requires an environmental analysis is...
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