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By | November 2012
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Fantasy and Fairy Tale
Lecture, Week 3

Lecture: Hour 1

Question (5 mins)

Bruno Bettleheim and Childhood Development (25 mins)

Freud: 15 mins

The Journey Model – The Process of Learning about Ourselves (Psych Development) - Handout


Group Work: Hour 2

Handout: Literary Terms

Discussion of Cinderella Stories

Question Sheet to be thought about, and presented



Question: Please take a moment to think, and then write the name of a fairy tale or story that was your favourite, or that you really loved, during childhood.

Childhood, Development and Fairy Tale Stories
Based on the work of: Bruno Bettelheim

-Psychologists use fairy tale stories to help and soothe children who are both mildly or more seriously disturbed

A Vehicle for Meaning
-according to this psychologist, children suffer largely as a result of lacking meaning, or of being stuck on one of the stages of development, in their lives -Fairy tales help bring meaning to children. They bring ages worth of culturally inherited wisdom and understanding

-they provide “access to deeper meaning and that which is meaningful to [a child] at his/her stage of development” (324-35)

Help to Find Solutions to Issues and Inner Dilemmas

-Not only do they tell us about our cultural history forbears, but also about the troubles they faced, and the solutions they found

Things Bettelheim Located as “Of Importance”
“For a story to truly hold the child’s attention, it must entertain him and arouse his curiosity. But to enrich his life, it must stimulate his imagination; help him to develop his intellect and to clarify his emotions; be attuned to his anxieties and aspirations…” (See pp. 325) -Fairy tales are immensely enriching for children and can provide them with a lot of fodder for mental and emotional development and maturation

Time Past/Time Present
-it’s true that many of the favourite fairy tales...

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