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  • Published : October 15, 2012
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Tennesse Williams who was born in march 26th 1911 and died in February 25th 1983, wrote this play which was played for the first time in Chicago in 1944 and won the New York Drama Critics Circle Award in 1945

The first movie adaptation was made in 1950 by Warner brothers and was in black and white. It was produce by jerry wald and Charles k. feldmann

Being a very critical man, Williams attended to many theatre representation of his play but he used to interrupt the play by commenting the actor very loudly, sometimes without any reason

After Williams died, paul newmann, 1987 Cannes Film Festival [2] and the Toronto International Film Festival before opening in New York City on October 23, 1987.

There was 2 televisions adaptation, which were broadcast on ABC in 1973, & 1966

Foreign country

In 1958, 1964 1969, three different producer adapted the play for the television, it’s called Die Glasmenagerie

In 1997, Kiefer Sutherland, starring with his mother, in a Canadian production of The Glass Menagerie at the Royal Alexandra Theatre in Toronto

There is a critically acclaimed Indian adaptation of the play, filmed in the Malayalam language. The movie titled Akale (meaning At a Distance), released in 2004, is directed by Shyamaprasad. The story is set in the southern Indian state of Kerala in the 1970s, in an Anglo-Indian/Latin Catholic household. The characters were renamed to fit the context better (the surname Wingfield was changed to D'Costa, reflecting the part-Portuguese heritage of the family), but the story remains essentially the same.


The Glass Menagerie was parodied by Christopher Durang in a short one-act called  For Whom the Southern Belle Tolls, in which Laura is replaced by a son named Lawrence, who instead of prizing a collection of glass figurines, here is obsessed with his collection of glass cocktail stirrers.

In 2007, Ryan Landry did a parody called The Plexiglass Menagerie, He used the event of...
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