Stop Smoking Speech Outline

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  • Published : March 4, 2013
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Puropose: TO persuade the auditence to quit smoking

Thesis: Im going to explain why you should quit smoking

I. Attention
a. According to CDC.GOV smoking is responsible for 430,000 deaths each year. b. Why do we smoke?
i. People used to think tobacco was a medicine that was good for them according to pupiline..nett ii. People thought smoking was mood altering, or helps reduce stress iii. People think its coo,

iv. straight up addicted

a. Smoking actually causes cancer
i. Types of cancer:
1. Lung
2. Upper respiratory tract
3. Mouth
4. Throat
5. Stomach
6. Pancreas
7. Kidney
8. Bladder
9. And cervix

III. a Also causes lung disease according to Lung disease can consist of i. Emphysema
1. Patient loses ability to exhale
2. Chemical balance in blood is disturbed
3. No cure
ii. Chronic Bronchitis
1. Airways of lungs change shape and size
2. Mucous glands enlarged
a. Causes coughing

IV. a. It also can cause Reproduction damage according to i. Abnormal sperm cells
ii. Diffucutly maintaing pregnancy
iii. Menstrual disorders

V. a. Cause birth defects
i. smoking during pregnancy
1. Miscarraige
2. still birth
3. low birth weight
4. premature birth
5. breathing problems in child
6. learning problems later in childhood
7. sudden infant death syndrome
a. baby dies without warning

a. Other...
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