Stictly Ballroom

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MSStage 6 English (ESL) Unit of work
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Pooja Verma ESL Teacher, Kogarah High School, 2009

Pooja Verma, ESL Teacher, Kogarah HS 2009

This unit provides activities for teachers to explore with students the ways in which the concept of Australian Vision is considered and expressed through the prescribed text, Baz Luhrman’s Strictly Ballroom. This unit includes activities to help students understand, examine and analyze how composer uses techniques to convey Australian Vision in the prescribed text. Further it also demonstrates an approach to studying the text where students: • • • •

View and understand the ideas expressed in the film Think about the way the film explores aspects of Australian Visions Deconstruct the text to understand how meaning is shaped in the film Respond imaginatively and analytically to the film in short and extended responses

The activities have been sequenced to develop:
• • • •

Students’ knowledge of the context and purpose of the film Textual features needed to view, analyze and understand the film Creative response to the film Students’ writing skills to prepare them for composing and extended analytical response to the film.

The Higher School Certificate examination question for this module requires students to compose an extended response demonstrating your understanding of the module (Experience Through Language), the elective (Australian Visions) and the texts the students’ have studied. Students will be asked to answer the question by referring to their prescribed text (Strictly Ballroom) and students’ may also be required to refer to other related texts of their own choosing. Students’ will need to show a link between the prescribed text and related text. In their response students’ will need to: • • • •

Describe ‘distinctly Australian visions’ presented by composers Give examples of these visions Explain how the composers use textual features to communicate these visions – i.e., film techniques Describe the impact of these textual features on the responder

Pooja Verma, ESL Teacher, Kogarah HS 2009

Introduction to Vision

Something that is seen an image, picture, sight, glimpse, representation, visualization, conceptualization

What is Vision?

A fanciful image reverie, makebelieve, fantasy, day-dream, musings, star-gazing, superstition

A mental view of something not actually present in place or time an idea, illusion, concept

An image that appears during sleep dream, apparition, nightmare

Future possibilities dreams, hopes, plans, aspirations, projected ideas, expectations, anticipated goals

A vivid imaginative picture ideal, ideal, dream, escapist picture, romantic image

A way of thinking about something or someone view, perspective, perception

My Vision
(Student’s ideas of vision)

Pooja Verma, ESL Teacher, Kogarah HS 2009





DISTINCTLY AUSTRALIAN Visions that come to mind when we hear the word





Pooja Verma, ESL Teacher, Kogarah HS 2009

Some distinctly Australian Images:

Select own images

Australian Vision
Examine each text closely and try and identify the Australian vision in each text. Once you have described the Australian vision presented in the text identify the literary features used to convey these visions:

Text 1: Cartoon

Description of Australian vision

Literary features used to convey this vision

Text 2: Excerpt from the song “I am you are we are Australian”

Text 3: Movie Poster-Australia

Pooja Verma, ESL Teacher, Kogarah HS 2009

A format for making notes on related texts: Australian Vision Title of text Australian Vision Examples/quotations Textual features/ impact on responder


Title of the text




Pooja Verma, ESL Teacher, Kogarah HS 2009

Writing a paragraph on Australian Vision: choose a vision that you are studying...
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