Stereo Typing in Play Ldp: C & Yp Workforce

Topics: Stereotype, Prejudice, Archetype Pages: 2 (372 words) Published: March 11, 2013
Inclusion is about identifying, understanding and breaking down barriers allowing each child to participate and have a sense of belonging. Inclusion images are important in that it allows everyone to perceive themselves as being equal. The importance of equality and inclusion within the setting of a school or nursery etc, is in the resources available. A wide variety of resources should be made available such as books, dolls, stories, celebration of festival days from different parts of the world. This will help to adopt a positive image in Equality and Inclusion allowing children to learn about, understand and appreciate the differences in all cultures. This can also allow children the chance to understand these differences and to experience different foods from families and friends (e.g. mixed relationships/marriages). By not allowing children to experience things that are alien to them could lead to some families (including their children) not accepting differences and possibly stereotyping or discriminating against them. The pictures above are just a small example of that: Picture 1 - role reversal of a stay at home father, here he is cooking and looking after his child (this is generally discriminated or frown upon as it is seen as a woman’s role. Picture 2 - typical stereotypical picture of a mother multi tasking at home Picture 3 young girl playing football, a sport normally played by boys Picture 4 young girl interacting with disabled children

Picture 5 a father lovingly bottle feeding his child again this is looked upon as a woman’s role. Picture 6 - another stereotypical picture of a mother bottle feeding her child Picture 7 - a down syndrome girl interacting in mainstream school Picture 8 – group of disabled children, and children from different cultures working together and interacting in School

Picture 9 – leaflet promoting Equality and Inclusion
Picture 10 – young girl playing with...
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