Stem Cells

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  • Published : January 17, 2013
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FAU Sociological Perspectives (SYG 1000)
w/ Dr. Gina Carreno-Lukasik
Study Guide 3

Your third exam will consist of 50 multiple choice questions that can address any of the concepts below:

chapter 11: ethnicity and race

• know definitions of and be able to apply explanations of race-ethnic inequality: ^ deficiency theories (biological and cultural)
^ bias theories (racism)
^ institutional discrimination theories (know the main arguments of these theories) • definition and examples racial-ethnic profiling (appearance, linguistic, name) • definition and examples of white privilege

chapter 10: gender inequality

• difference between sex versus gender
• definitions of intersex, transgender, transsexual
• specific examples of gender socialization of children at home and school – at home, consider class discussion about toys (toys teach girls and boys what their society considers “gender appropriate statuses” – such as mechanic versus homemaker – and toys teach the skills needed for those statuses) – for school, consider teacher-student interaction, career counseling, and college mentors • structure looks at how gender inequality is built into social institutions • what is report talk versus rapport talk? who does each? what is the goal and style of each? what do women do more often in conversation than men? why is this important? • what is the second shift? who usually does this? what is role overload? What are two explanations for why women do the second shift? • in text, not in lecture:

^ gender pay gap (8th ed. p.266-271; 7th ed.: p.291-297; 6th ed.: p.303-306) = why does this gap exist? know sex segregation into different jobs, and how the gender composition of a job is linked to the pay received for that job –what are the “glass ceiling” and “glass escalator”?

no reading: sexual orientation

• what do we mean when we say that sexuality is socially constructed?...
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