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COURSE TITLE: Strategic Management,(Revised May, 2012) TRIMESTER – V YEAR : PGDM (2011 - 2013) INSTRUCTOR : Kamaljit Sodhi

1.0 Course Description: The course is designed to give the student an overview of the organisation and an understanding about how organisational functions do not operate in silos and are in fact integrated despite the functional leanings. It also provides an insight into how they need to compete, grow and survive in a cut throat environment. The course also looks at Organisation design which is critical to policy implementation and control to fulfill the strategic needs of the fast paced corporate world.

2.0 Course Objectives

1.Introduce the student to the basic concepts underlying the strategic management process. 2.Understanding corporate, business & functional strategies. 3.Equip the student with the essential skills needed to examine an organization as a total entity. 4.Apprise the student with the different facets of implementation of strategy

3.0 Course Pre-requisites: Basic knowledge of the functional areas of management

4.0 Course Outcomes:

After completion of this course the students will be able to:

1.Develop strategies for organisational growth and competition, with its importance in steering an organization along a path of sustainable competitive advantage. 2.Develop an insight into organisation structures/ design and the need for flexible organizations. 3.Understand the important role of decision making at entry level and implementation.

5.0 Prescribed Text:

Strategic Management – A South Asian Perspective - Hitt ,Ireland, Hoskisson, Mani kutty , Cengage Learning, 9th Edition.

6.0 Additional References:

Strategic Management and Business Policy, Ninth Edition by Thomas L. Wheelen and J. David Hunger, 10th Edition, Pearson Education India. •Strategic Management- David R. Fred, Pearson Education.

6.1 Journals, Websites and Databases:
The students are advised to visit websites, business publications, journals and newspapers on a regular basis to absorb the changes taking place in the environment and the strategic response of companies to them. Without such information a meaningful assimilation of concepts of this course may not be possible. Economic Times, Business standard, Forbes, Business world, Business Line

7.0 Evaluation:
Continuous Evaluation:
Quizzes :10
Case Study Analysis: 5
Project Peer Evaluation : 5

Centralized Evaluation:
Mid - term exam:20
End- term exam:40
Total 100

8.0 Pedagogy: The course on strategic management depends heavily on case study discussions involving participation of students and application exercises to understand the tools and techniques of strategy formulation and implementation. Specific methods include: •Lectures

Class room discussions /
Case studies

The Project will be a group project of 5 students each. The students will decide the sector they want to study in-depth and identify the major players in the sector. Students will prepare a presentation of 25-30 minutes which will be discussed in class.

Project Coverage & Guidelines:
Session 2 : Group formation, Group champion and finalization of sector under study. Session 3 : Finalization of company and competitors under study. The write-up and presentation will cover: •Details of Company- vision, mission, environmental analysis & capability analysis using various concepts discussed like SWOT, EFAS,IFAS, SPACE Matrix, Value chain analysis •Business strategy & competitor analysis using BCG, GE...
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