Statement of Purpose

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Statement of purpose:

In today’s knowledge economy, a master’s degree is in high demand. It has always been one of my goals to both further my education and to broaden my career possibilities in the ever changing needs of society. With the experience and knowledge I have obtained in Architecture and Project Management, I feel that this is the perfect time for me to pursue a master’s degree. My background to date has been centered on preparing myself to advance professionally. As an Engineer Officer and Assistant Architect, I have managed several projects which required collaboration with other disciplines and which ranged in cost from one hundred thousand to five million dollars. As a result, I am cultivated by the fast paced and challenging environment that is often created by the demands of the Army and clients. Pursing my graduate degree in Engineering Management will help me to bridge the gap between the business and technical sides of the industry. It will also extend to me many professional benefits which can be applied to my current position with the United States Army and to my career after the military. Furthermore, I will be able to utilize immediately the comprehensive information that I will gain, which will enable me to be more efficient in carrying out my daily responsibilities. Through pursing my graduate studies I wish to widen my employment opportunities and gain more career options, as well as expand my professional responsibilities. Finally, while pursing my graduate studies I hope to gain a better understanding of how Engineering Management functions as a whole and be able to communicate in a more efficient and effective manner with professionals in the field. My motivation and interest in intellectual pursuits will contribute to my success of completing the Engineering Management program. Aside from advancing my career, I hope for this experience and educational exposure to contribute to my personal growth and development....
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