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Topics: Standard deviation, Normal distribution, Arithmetic mean Pages: 207 (64822 words) Published: March 17, 2013

Data Analysis
Faculty of Sciences

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Ashley Plank with contributions from The LTS Team, Christine McDonald, Paul Fahey, Peter Dunn, Shahjahan Khan, Taryn Swan & Rachel King


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Welcome to Data Analysis! This Study Book is designed to be your guide in making best use of the resources available in this course. The primary resource is the textbook De Veaux, Velleman & Bock, Intro Stats, third edition, and much of the Study Book is designed to direct your reading of the textbook. However a lot of other support material and assistance is also available on the Course StudyDesk within UConnect. We also support the second edition of the textbook as well as the current edition. The StudyDesk should be a regular port of call—at least once weekly, probably more often—in order to access the latest versions of materials, receive announcements from the teaching staff, obtain current lecture notes, and much, much more. Check it out now. The Introductory Material in the Course Resources Block on the StudyDesk gives detailed information about the course and how, for example, to get personal assistance both from the Data Analysis teaching team in the Faculty of Sciences and from staff of lts, Learning and Teaching Support. The Introductory Material is a ‘must’ read, so check it out now if you haven’t done so as yet. Most of you will be using the student version of spss, probably Version 18 or Version 19. On-campus students will have access to the full professional version (Version 19 as of writing), which is available in all the PC laboratories. For what we’re doing in this course there’s negligible difference between the current and any older versions. Some of you will need spss for future courses and learning it in this course will pay dividends. It’s used across campus at the teaching and research levels. The important thing is to get familiar with the software as soon as possible. If you have a copy, install it now on your computer. Examples involving spss are given throughout the Study Book. Also the textbook briefly mentions the capabilities of spss at the end of each chapter. The best way however to get familiar with the package is to go to the spss link in the Course Resources Block on the StudyDesk where we have placed a variety of support materials, including short videos of instructional exercises, to assist you. Computer laboratory sessions will also be available for on-campus students. We stick fairly closely to the textbook and its approach throughout the course. Some bits are skipped and a little bit added but just about the whole textbook is covered. In the time available, this is a lot of material, reflecting the wishes of the various programs which require their students to do this course. If the discipline of Statistics is completely new to you and it’s a while since you’ve studied anything mathematical, this course will be ‘full-on’ from start to finish. The advice from teaching staff and past students of the course is ‘Keep up to date as far

v as possible’. A recommended Study Schedule can be found on the StudyDesk. Try to stick with it even if it sometimes means pushing on at the expense of not being altogether comfortable with the current work. The material does not always build on itself. The material in Modules 8 to 11 in particular, which is almost 40% of the course, can be done without coming to terms with...
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